The Team and the Brands we work with

Customised research based 360 degree retail visibility and shopper marketing solutions, cost effectiveness and a separate cell for Retail Sales promotion- Pan India.

A Great Team is a Mammoth Cohesive Unit

A Great Team is all of the above added with the advantage that its numbers are swelled by members of the brand teams they work with and each vendor, supplier & associate. A great team is a mammoth, cohesive unit which firmly believes that even inanimate objects are as vital – the pin, paper, pen, computer, phone, internet, elevator… Point is, Great teams continuously work towards the highest levels of detailing all the time to keep everything running smoothly, efficiently and they never leave the sight of their goals ever!

Transforming from Good to Great

Sudoku Communications believes that the transformation of teams from good to great is extremely vital for us and every day we take a step forward on this path from GOOD to GREAT. Currently, our team has a average work experience of 20 years in Shopper Marketing, our network is strong in 100 cities of India and together with brand teams, vendors and associate team members, we work with more than 50 top Brands in India.