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Sudoku Communication – Retail Merchandising and In-Store Communication

Sudoku Communications is in the business of

Retail Visibility

In store Communication, Retail Sales Promotions and Shopper Marketing Solutions. Our key focus is to aid sales of the brands that we work on at retail and add much needed value to each brand.

Our Service Solutions are more like cracking a 'SUDOKU GAME'

Sudoku Communications is into a service solutions space where the business is more like the 'SUDOKU GAME' - You need to get each block of your retail communication into a uniqueness which is perfectly distributed, if not, the retail communication program will not work. We provide the expertise to get your retail communication strategy aligned with the umbrella communication strategy of your brand.

Why Sudoku

Our key strategy is cost - effectiveness without compromising on quality, we lay great stress on sourcing skills and continuously honing them.

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The Team

We believe that the transformation of teams from good to great is vital for us and every day we take a step forward on this path from GOOD to GREAT.

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